Why UFO Topics Should Be Enjoyed By All Advanced Prototype Engineers

Not long ago, I was talking with an acquaintance who has a fondness for UFO mythology. Interestingly enough, I do too. No, I am hardly a conspiracy theorist and I do live with both feet in the real world, but I have a reason for my interests, one you should consider too, especially if you are an advanced prototyping engineer, creative genius or want to make a new discovery from far outside the normalcy of the proverbial boxed in logic system. Let’s talk shall we?

You see, I’ve studied up on all the UFO stories of WWII, and the prototypes, possible propulsion systems, vortex flows, etc. It’s a neat place to think and it gives me great ideas – that an the concepts of Tesla and others since his time. In WWII many thought that the Germans might be working with aliens, which is laughable, but interesting considering their fast moving technologies of the day.