Using Micro Fibre Cloths to Take Your Business to the Next Level

Generally promoting your company is never that easy to do. Usually there is heaps of work and it may therefore be really costly. Small business marketing and advertising can run into thousands of pounds and millions for bigger corporations. When thinking about taking your business to the next level consider utilizing printed micro-fiber cloths for your company’s promotions.

Introduction to microfibres

Micro fibers are tiny strands of fabric that are roughly half the thickness of a strand of silk. Microfibre cloths are usually made from nylon material, polyester or perhaps a mixture of both materials. The resulting microfiber material is very light & tough and is very well liked due to its power to pick up very small particles without using additional solvents.

Exactly why microfiber fabrics?

This business I once knew would send out a postcard with a discount on it to any or all the companies inside their particular industry. These days they might think about sending microfiber cloths in their place. Guaranteed men and women will be much more unlikely to toss away because of their inherent usefulness.

Just say you’re in computer equipment sales, if you include a branded micro-fiber cloth together with your logo custom printed onto it in every order you send out, this will get you an instant bit of extra kudos. Microfibre fabrics are extremely convenient and useful with most desks having one lying around on it.

Computer equipment and Technology in general always needs wiping down and dusting and it’s everywhere. The chances are almost all your customers and potential customers will have a permanent use for any customised micro fiber cloths that came his or her way.

Generally people almost never throw them away simply because they’re very useful to clean dust off computer monitors and other peripheral devices. Clever companies are capitalising on the inherent usefulness of printed microfibre fabrics and mailing them more and more as part of promotional campaigns. For many organizations they are an excellent little addition to any package an individual hand outs at a business function.

Smooth finish & printable

Custom printed microfibre cloths are available in a huge variety of sizes, shapes and finishes and branded by using a digital process. A digital printing process ensures your branding may be replicated in extremely high and fine detail.

With modern digital processes printing full colour top quality images onto them comes as a standard offering. This can turn your microfiber cloth in a tiny promotional brochure for just about any aspect of your business you want to promote.

Are durable & tough

Branded micro fiber cloths are extremely durable as well, a typical cloth can last a long time, even years, continually advertising your business and exposing your company to many more people on top. They are also washable, with the print staying perfectly in-tact.