Developing Innovative Ideas for New Companies

New companies are not burdened with bureaucracy that keeps bigger companies from adopting innovative ideas and a process. By developing a good culture and framework for innovation from the beginning people can ensure that their company is competitive independent of how new they are. Using the collaborative approach of all employees, mentors, consultants and even its competitors, new companies can spark the creative process to lead to game changing innovations from themselves and their industry.

The old paradigm of having a creative or research and development team seems to be fading and in any case is out of reach for new companies. By leveraging any available creative power (employees, business partners, customers) a new company can develop innovative ideas. The time that people need to output creative solutions varies from person to person, but by setting aside thinking and free time you can unlock their true creativity. Once they are able to generate the ideas it then becomes important to put them into a carefully designed process to maximize each idea.