An Interview With Jag Randhawa, Author of the New Book “The Bright Idea Box”

Jag Randhawa is a technology executive, professional speaker, executive coach, and corporate consultant. He has more than twenty years of technology industry experience with a strong track record of building high performance teams and award-winning products. Born in India, Jag lives in the San Francisco Bay area with his wife, a neuroscientist, and two daughters.

Welcome, Jag. To begin, will you tell us just what is “The Bright Idea Box” that the title of your book refers to?

The Bright Idea Box refers to a program, in which employees suggest ideas to improve business processes, increase customer satisfaction, reduce operational costs, and raise the top line. Employees know company products, processes, and customers, and they often have ideas to improve the business operations and how to provide better service to customers, but often they have no means to voice these ideas. The Bright Idea Box creates that platform so that good ideas are captured, developed, and implemented.