Increasing Your Business Bandwidth

It is often difficult to take your business to the next level. I meet many young entrepreneurs that are capable of taking their business to a certain state and then struggle to move it much further. This is a very normal phenomenon and it has to do with more than just business experience or capital expenditures. To bring perspective to this article let’s look at the capacity to develop a business much like a bringing information to your computer. The faster the delivery method the quicker decisions can be made to transform your business. In the same way as the fibre optics increase the band width of information flow, people also learn a capacity to translate information and turn it into actions. This is referred to as ‘performance bandwidth’. Like many things in this world we as people have a certain capacity for success and failure. We will only risk so much and achieve so much success. We have different perspectives on acceptable levels of failure and interpret failure in different ways. This interpretation leads us to the choices we make every day. It is a repeating pattern of conducting ourselves in our day-to-day lives. So are we trapped in this self-limiting behaviour?